Workflow Lite For SharePoint Beta Available

Generic configurable document library event handler that can be used to create simple workflow and approval scenarios in Windows SharePoint Services or SharePoint Portal Server 2003.

Finally I've completed a version that is stable enough to be released. Be aware it's still a beta version! :-) To download it, visit the GotDotNet Workspace. Also check out the demo video that shows what you accomplish with it. To install the Event Handler take following steps:

Enable SharePoint Event Handlers:
- Open "SharePoint Central Administration" from the Administrative Tools
- Click "Configure virtual server settings"
- Select a Virtual Server from the list
- Choose "Virtual server general settings"
- Select "Event handlers are: On" (bottom of the page)

Deploy the Leadit.SharePoint.Workflow assembly to the GAC:
- Extract Leadit.SharePoint.Workflow.dll to a temporary location
- Browse to X:\Windows\Assembly (or X:\WINNT\Assembly)
- Drag and drop Leadit.SharePoint.Workflow.dll into this folder
- The assembly should now be in the list

Extract the config file
- Extract Sample.xml to a folder
- Make sure the account you'll configure below has access to this folder
- Create your own config file based on the sample

Configure settings
- Make a backup of the machine.config file
  or C:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\CONFIG\machine.config
- Edit the machine.config file with NotePad
- Find the <appSettings> tag (by default it's commented out)
- Add following text between </configSections> and <system.diagnostics>
        <add key="Leadit.SharePoint.Workflow.Username" value="xxx"/>
        <add key="Leadit.SharePoint.Workflow.Password" value="yyy"/>
        <add key="Leadit.SharePoint.Workflow.Domain" value="zzz"/>
        <add key="Leadit.SharePoint.Workflow.Configfile" value="c:\folder\config.xml"/>
- xxx, yyy and zzz should be the credentials of a SharePoint account that has enough rights on your SharePoint site (for example administrator account)
- The ConfigFile tag should point the config file from the previous step
- Use the IISRESET command to force a refresh of the config settings

Enable the Event Handler for a Document Library
- Open a document library in SharePoint
- Click "Modify settings and columns"
- Choose "Change advanced settings"
- In the Event Handler section fill out following values:
  Assembly Name:
  Leadit.SharePoint.Workflow, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=dd064a5b12b5277a
  Class Name:

I'll post more detailed installation and configuration instructions as soon as I'll find some more time. Until then I recommend to check the event log to find out what could be going wrong.


  • Hi Jan,

    I downloaded your beta sample and have followed all instructions to the T. I think the sample is not complete in that I dont see the customized Task Pane in Word which is shown as per your video.

    The other thing is there were three document libraries in your video - I notice two.

    Am I missing something?

  • Could you verify that you are using Office 2003?

  • Hi Jan,

    This looks like a great tool. Will the source code be made available?

  • Can this run on multiple sites?

  • I got it to work. I was easy to figure out. I really like the work you did. You mentioned an email trigger. Do you have something in place?

  • Brad, in V1 (which is nearly finished) you can have actions that send emails.

  • We have followed all the above mentioned steps and have been successful till step 4.... but are unable to complete step 5. and are not getting the three document libraries and event log as shown in your demo video.

    Please help....

    moumita and pranav

  • I am also unable to finish step 5. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • During the installation , of machine.Config i managed to add the keys listed in th instruction as requested. but when started the IIS , i faced the problem in the key line


    error saying " invalid charcter" I have used different types of passowrds which all have adminstrator privilages. it still showing the error. Please advice. Iam so excited to try it......... thanks

  • check your
    Leadit.SharePoint.Workflow, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=dd064a5b12b5277a

    go to c:\windows\assembly, and view using detail list

    check for Leadit.SharePoint.Workflow
    make sure the PublicKeyToken and Version is the same as the one inside your assembly name

  • I have just downloaded and installed the RC1c version. All the Installation steps were performed successfully. But i'm unable to see any new columns like Status, comments etc in my library. Nothing in the event logs too. Infact, it doesn't seem to have any effect on the site. Can anybody please let me know what may be the problem? Thanks.

  • Fahad:

    you spelt "password" wrong -


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  • Hey man ... can we get DLL of the workflow out of the sharepoint designer that we can customise it on some other system???? ... if yes .. how ??.. kindly reply soon

  • Hi,
    I'm still using SharePoint 2003. As GotDotNet is being phased out, will Workflow Lite be available elsewhere?


  • Is this project discontinued?

  • I need somthing similar to provide SharePoint Approval feature from my application

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