Edit and Continue?

Paul Vick (technical lead of VB.NET)  has posted a nice entry about the edit and continue feature that will be available in the next version of VB.NET. He discusses the danger of introducing this advanced feature, for developers that are not so experienced. In my opinion, edit and continue is abused sometimes be less experienced developers and maybe even by experienced developers. But I think it can be very useful too, if you use it wisely! Paul uses the methaphore of cars to explain why he thinks this feature should be included.

But Paul introduces a new (and fun) feature to prevent unexperienced developers to use the advanced features. I guess the feature will not be in VS.NET 2004...
We sometimes joke that we should build a feature into the program that turns off all the "advanced" features of the product. Then, when you try to use one of them, we would pop up a dialog that says "You're trying to use an advanced feature. Before we can let you use this, you must answer the following questions correctly:" and then test them to see if they're advanced enough to really use the feature. It's tempting but, of course, it would never work. Just as no one thinks they are a below-average driver, most people wouldn't appreciate being told that they aren't "advanced" enough of a programmer to use a feature...

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