Building Workflow Solutions Article … Where’s the Code?

In the current issue of .NET Magazine an article written by Patrick and me has been published, titled “Bouwen van Workflow-toepassingen” (Building Workflow Solutions). At this point the article is only available in Dutch, but I’m working on an English translation. Anyway, I was showing off the article to my wife as it appeared to me that in the article wasn’t a single line of code! No big deal you might think, but the article goes through all the steps needed to build a workflow solution based on the following products:

  • InfoPath 2003 SP1
  • Windows SharePoint Service
  • BizTalk Server 2004
  • SharePoint Adaptor of BizTalk

Basically the steps needed to create such a workflow solution are: create your InfoPath form, publish it to a SharePoint Forms Library, create your orchestration (workflow) in BizTalk, use the SharePoint Adapter to connect your orchestration to the SharePoint Forms Library. None of these steps require you to write a single line of code!

By the way, if speak Dutch and you’re not yet subscribed to the .NET Magazine do it now! It’s completely free and each issue has a lot of interesting articles, columns and interviews.


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