U2U RSS Feeds for SharePoint Leaked Screenshots

There is a rumour that next week (@ DevDays) U2U will announce a tool to generate RSS feeds for SharePoint. Nothing new you might think, there are several other solutions. That's right, but you haven't seen the screenshots, nor the feature list. I did! :-) In fact I "found" some screenshots on my desktop today... (don't know how they got there)


Some cool features are:

  • Aggregation of different lists into one RSS feed. The lists don't need to be on the same site, or on the same server.
  • Customizable contents of the RSS feed items: for each list you can specify how the contents should look like by using a formula-like notation.
  • Uses SharePoint list views to select items from a list. This might sound not spectacular, but you can use views to give each user personalized content (e.g. My Tasks).
  • ...


  • thanks for the sneek peek.. :-)

  • Hey Jan, this seems to be a very cool piece of software :-), can't wait to download it

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  • Good morning Piter! :-)

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