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Sometimes you find a really cool site on the internet by checking your referrers. Nice work Chris and Charles! From their site:

Our Simple Goal
Our goal is simple: To provide a reference to the best sources on the web for the Office user, developer and IT support specialist. How do we plan to do this? We think we can do this by providing links to other useful websites, books, utilities, news, events and articles that will interest you as an Office enthusiast.

Ok, we have another goal: to be a reference that is always relevant, concise, focused and practical Office information. If you find a pointer or link on this website, you are guaranteed that it is something important and it is worth your time to consider. If you find that we are wrong, let us know. Quality and accuracy are very important to us.

Reading through their blog aggregation I found a nice trick by KC Lemson: Naming the colored flags in Outlook 2003.

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