Packaged the Essentials Webparts and the RSSReader Webpart!


Mike Walsh has posted his comments on my webparts. Mike's right; I only provided installation instructions that could be understood by developers (since the Dev&IT-Pro Days everybody knows that developers are from another planet!). So thanks to Patrick's excellent post on deploying webparts, I had no excuses left to not provide an easy installation. :-)

Now I only have to create nice site for my webparts ... If I only could find some time ...


  • I installed the Leadit.SharePoint.Essentials successfully using Lead-it SharePoint Essential Webparts but now when I am trying to install Leadit.SharePoint.RSSReader using the Lead-it SharePoint RSSReader Webpart I am not successful. The installation program goes well and gives no errors and says that the installation was successful. When I open up the website and try to look for the web part I don’t see it. After I examined the wpcatalog folder I didn’t see *.dwp file for this web part. I didn’t see the dll installed in the /Windows/assembly/ folder either. So can someone tell me what is going on here?


  • Does anyone have any links to see these in action? Also, does anyone have any links to public sharepoint sites?

  • I got an email from Jan asking me to comment on his Essentials webparts on his weblog. I really like them because they show what I have been working on. I set up a quick and dirty homepage to use them as a simple status report. I used a default template and just dropped the Navigation webpart, the Whats New webpart, and the RSSReader webpart on to the left side. Simple but satisfying!

    Since I had recently reinstalled Sharepoint to fix an unrelated problem, I had to reinstall the webparts. So I made sure I had the latest versions and started off with the RSSReader. It looked easy. It had an installer! The bad news is that it finishs with an error.

    ========= WPPackager install log started 3/26/2004 11:18:39 AM =========

    3/26/2004 11:18:58 AM: Error: Config file: 'd:\inetpub\wwwroot\web.config' for virtual server '<a target="_new" href="http://companyweb/">http://companyweb/' is missing or appears invalid. Could not apply required CAS settings to this server.

    3/26/2004 11:18:58 AM: Error: Could not apply required CAS settings to virtual server '<a target="_new" href="http://companyweb/">http://companyweb/' during installation of 'Lead-it SharePoint RSSReader Webpart'

    3/26/2004 11:18:59 AM: Success: Installation Successfully Completed

    The good news is that the error does not matter!? The dll is in the GAC. The web.config is configured. The webpart is in the wpcatalog. Once you figure out how to configure your firewall you are set. That was actually quite hard. I decided to put my findings in a second post on my weblog since it is specific to ISA.

    The installation of Essentials was quite easy if you knew the locations of your wpcatalog, web.config, and GAC. I found that I only needed to restart the sharepoint server to start using them.

  • Installed your web part &quot;What's New&quot; but seem to have a problem. It works fine except for some document libray files that Adobe PDF. It doesn't show the file name only the location. Any idea what's up with that?

  • Frick, you can control this by using the &quot;List fields&quot; property.

  • Jan, I have an issue where a particular site and it's sublevels aren't showing in the tree when I'm on one particular site (2nd level).

    My structure:

    Sites: Internal: 2003 Planning: Sub Site 1: Sub Site 1.1

    This tree usually shows on the when I click &quot;Start from root&quot;, but DOES NOT show when I'm in the &quot;2003 Planning&quot; site.

    Why this one site causes the whole site tree to not show, but if I go into &quot;Internal&quot; (above) or &quot;Sub Site 1&quot; (below) the whole tree shows for all levels?

  • I'm having the same problem as Frick (PDFs not showing in the What's New webpart).

  • Chris

    1) Are you using SharePoint Portal Server or Windows SharePoint Service.

    2) You should use the List fields property to tweak the title of the item in the list.

  • My question has to do with either the breadcrumbs or the navigation web part. I can get it to display on my site fine but it seems that it only shows site and subsite levels, it doesn't show down to individual pages. For instance if I go into edit a contact should it show something like rootsite/subsite/contacts/edit contact ?

    I looked at all the settings but I don't see anything.

  • Brett, this is not possible. If you want that behavior I suggest you alter the code a little bit.

  • When I install the Lead-it SharePoint RSSReader Webpart never prompts me for the installation location.

    Does this require a 2003 Server ? Or will it work on a 2000 Server ?

  • Steve, it should work on both of them.

  • I am having the same navigation problem as Chris, some subsites don't show the correct tree. I have the following:





    It shows the whole tree at Site and SubSub1, but Sub1 only shows:



    and Sub1 shows only:




    Start from root and 5 levels is selected for all of them.

  • For reference I am running WSS on 2K3 server using MSDE.

  • When I download the source code for the RSS Reader, the project references an RSS directory that contatins the RSS and RSSFeed namespaces, but the files seem to be missing from the ZIP archive.

    Please help.

  • It seems like I can use the files from version Please let me know if this might cause a problem.

  • Hi

    When i try to add the useralert web part I get the question for user an password, and access denied. Seems that whatever i try to autenticate with i get a problem. Can anyone tell me what the problem is, and what rights the user should have ? I am running as administrator on aa test-server.

    Idid run into the same problem with the


  • When i add a feed url this message appears:

    There was an exception reading the RSS Feed.
    The ServicePointManager does not support proxies of server scheme.

    what´s the trouble, and how can i fix it?

  • I have successfully installed the Lead-it SharePoint Essential Webparts file onto all sites under my portal. If I wish to uninstall, how would I proceed? help?

    many thanks.

  • Hi
    I need microsoft.Sharepoint.dll file
    please send to me

    Advance thanks


  • Lead-it SharePoint Essential Webparts installation failure.
    When we ran the MSI, we get the followoing error: Setup has encountered an error and must close.
    The error referanced the wppackager.log for more information... but the log was empty.

    Has anyone exeperienced a complete failure during installation? I'm at a loss for a starting point to troubleshoot.

    Thanks for any help


  • On 2003 SmallBusinessServer and WSS I had the same problem as R2:
    Setup has encountered an error and must close.
    The error referanced the wppackager.log for more information... but the log was empty.


  • The MSI installer isn't installing the files where they need to go, but it thinks that it is installed. Is there a .cab file or a solution to this problem?

  • same error, what can I do??

  • hi Jan,

    I installed your webpart, but now all of my SPS sites display the error "Server Error in '/' Application."

    I've tried Microsoft KB articles but i hasnt helped. Please help!
    I tried uninstalling but i still have the problem. Any ideas what could cause this?


  • Once i turned Customerr logging to OFF - i now get:
    Parser Error Message: Unable to read the security policy file for trust level 'wss_custom'.

    When i examine my web.config file i see a line:

    However, when I navigate to this folder there is no file called

    Jan.. Does your install/uninstall routine change any of these things?

  • HI,

    I have 'resolved' this problem by making a copy of the wss_mediumtrust.config file and renaming it.
    Do you forsee any implications in doing so?

    I also had to make a couple of changes in the web.config file.

    still stumped as to why it was referring to the missing wss_custom_wss_minimaltrust.config. Was this anything to do with your webpart?

    MK *PHEW!

  • you guys rock --- love the RSS web part for Share Point. Keep on keeping on.

  • I was just hired by a client who is experiencing authentication problems on their WSS sites (subsites only). There are users who have read access to a parent site and read access to a subsite. They can access the parent site properly but when they try to access subsite (with Lead-It Alert webpart) they keep getting prompted for a login. If I make the user an Admin for the subsite they don't get prompted. If I remove the Lead-It part and then put them back to Reader they can access the subsite properly. Does lead-it need elevated permissions to work. I can see how it needs permission to add an alert but just to paint the page it should not require elevated privledges, should it?

  • Lucy! Please call me,Lucy! Please call me

  • Lucy! Please call me,Lucy! Please call me

  • I tried to download the version, and had the following error message:
    This page has an unspecified potential security flaw. Would you like to continue.
    I'm hesitant to click the yes button.

  • I'm getting the following error despite trying many server addresses. Any ideas?

    ========= WPPackager install log started 07/06/2007 15:40:22 =========
    07/06/2007 15:40:35: Error: Error while installing from 'Lead-it SharePoint Essential Webparts'. Invalid virtual server 'server address'.
    07/06/2007 15:40:35: Error: Error message: 'The server instance specified was not found. Please specify the server's address and port.' while installing Web Part package to virtual server ''.
    07/06/2007 15:40:35: Critical Error: Unable to install package to any virtual servers

  • I'm also getting the error message:

    02-07-2007 14:37:14: Error: Error while installing from 'Lead-it SharePoint Administration Webparts'. Invalid virtual server ...

    And I'm 100% sure that it's a correct URL I have typed.

  • I installed Lead-it RSSReader successfully and is there a limitation on the feed URL to be just one. How can I separate if I am using more than one Feed URL ?

  • getting this error

    There was an exception reading the RSS Feed.
    The underlying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server.

  • Too bad about the idjuts from Angelfire and High School Fund raiser. Go away. This site is for developers. We are trying to get things done. Jerk off in your bedroom.

    I ran the msi and Add Remove Programs shows Lead-It RSS Webpart is installed, but I can't see it in WSS 3.0. Any help Jan? We need people like you leading the way. Should I build, package and install? Is it worth my time? Will it work in 3.0? Smiling Goat component only works sometimes and we have had to turn it off. We want RSS and I would hate to start from scratch. What stops Lead-It RSS from showing on my WSS site webparts? Is it only installing on default site? I have many sites. Can I point msi to my dev site for evaluation. Help is appreciated. Thanks for your time.

  • I can send you my email if you do not post. See my post from moments ago for I-Lead RSS question. Should I send you my email address? Post response for a few days and then remove. I will return and look for it. Thank you. Jan. Idjuts are nothing but that. Let's not let them ruin our world. Peace and beer, Hypercat.

  • Hi lads,

    I am new to sharepoint. I have successfully installed the rssreader webpart to my WSS 3.0. The problem is i can not connect any feed generated by SharePoint it self to this webpart.

    After doing some investigation, it seems like sharepoint doesn't pass through the authentication to the webpart because i receive authorization error 401.

    Is it built like this? or am i doing something wrong?

    Why am i trying to do this? because i want the announcement on the top site to be able to be shared/viewed on all the subsites with rss reader. Or maybe i am doing it the wrong way?

    If any of you could help :D

    Thank you in advance

  • You should be able to render the weather RSS using the buildt-in DataView, why go trough the trouble of installing a WebPart?

    MSDN Webcast: Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007: It's for Developers Too (Level 300) (ID:1032345471)

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