Where did Workflow go In SharePoint Designer Beta2?

If you have installed Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) in the “Beta-2-has-been-released-yeah!” rush and didn’t read any documentation or didn’t watch any webcast, you’ll probably notice that some items have moved compared to Beta 1 and Beta 1TR. I “lost” the menu item in the SharePoint Designer that opened the wizard to create a new workflow.  After a couple of minutes I discovered the new location, so let me share that with you. First of all: open the site on which you’d like to create to workflow in SharePoint Designer (File menu, Open Site).  Next, in the File menu, click New and select Workflow. Tadaaa!

Alternatively you can use the Common toolbar  as well:

FYI: if you don't see the workflow menu items etc, you've probably enabled the Contributor Settings, see this post for more information.


  • What other tools or framework, do you need to install if you whant to use Workflow designer in Sharepoint Designer ?

  • Make sure you install
    "Windows Workflow Foundation Runtime" after installing sharepoint 2007 designer

  • I get a "Missing component Detected" ....Microsoft Windows Workflow Designer.... I installed it and de-installed it and again. It still comes up with the same error. I already upgraded to B2TR

  • For some sites when i open in sharepoint designer iam getting workflow (file / new) but for some i am not getting that workflow(file/new) - anyidea why???

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