Workflow Developer Starter Kit for WSS v3 + More

Fresh new goodies on the Microsoft Download site:


  • The link to "Windows SharePoint Services V3 Starter Kit: Workflow Developer Starter Kit for Windows SharePoint Services V3" appears to be broken

  • Berry, it seems to work now... don't know what happened.

  • Jan,

    As I don't have WSSv3, I'd like to hear your impressions on it and a discussion on what it delivers. It seems like there's not much documentation on what this thing actually is and what it allows developers to do beyond the very generic and encompassing title of "workflow".

    How flexible is this engine? Is it in any way related to WWF? What is the featureset of the workflow engine? Is it any good? What are the key limitations? And so on.

    If you know of other good resources to answer these questions, I think many in the community would appreciate links.


  • Jan,
    I'm a little bit confused. Perhaps you can clarify some things for me.

    I am working on WSS2 but planning REALLY SOON to implement WSS3. What Infopath should I use? can I use IP 2007 or do I have to work with IP 2003 and migrate the forms when I start using WSS 3?
    Can VS2005 Tools generate 2003 compatible forms (I guess the answer is yes, if I don't use code) -- What happen i I dneed to use code??
    Thanks in advance,


  • Can you install WSS V3 on a Vista Ultimate?


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