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  • Creating List Items with jQuery and the SharePoint Web Services

    In my previous post I showed how to make a call to SharePoint’s Lists.asmx web service with the jQuery library to retrieve information about the Lists and Document Libraries that are available on a specific SharePoint Site. In the comments of that post, one of the readers asked if it would be possible to create a new item in a List using the same technique. Of course this is possible, you just need to make use of the UpdateListItems web method (yeah, the name of that method is not very intuitive). Here is a quick example!

  • Calling the SharePoint Web Services with jQuery

    If you read this blog you probably know that besides the web user interface, SharePoint also exposes some interfaces which you can use from code: the SharePoint object model and the SharePoint web services. The object model of SharePoint can only be used by code/applications that are running on a SharePoint server in your Server Farm, so you can’t use the object model on client machines. The SharePoint web services can be used of course across a network boundary, that’s what they are built for! In this post I’m going to show you how you can access the out-of-the-box SharePoint web services by making use of the jQuery Javascript library. First let’s see what you can do with this technique: download this zip file that contains an ASPX page (a basic Site Page without any code behind), and the jQuery Javascript library (in case you don’t have it already). Upload the two individual files (not the zip file) in the root of a Document Library in any of your SharePoint sites. You can do this by making use of the web user interface; you don’t have to touch anything on the server itself. When done, just click on the link of the uploaded ASPX and you’ll see following page:

  • The "Jan Tielens" SharePoint Challenge by Christophe

    My last post about splitting the Top Navigation Bar of a WSS site in two with the help of jQuery, triggered a little discussion (in a good way) in the comments. As a result Christophe from the Path to SharePoint blog wrote some Javascript to accomplish the same thing, without using jQuery at all. Now Christophe started the "Jan Tielens Challenge" on his blog: "I have already talked about Jan in a previous post. End users who visit his blog can certainly feel like a kid in front of a bakery display: so many goodies that are out of reach!
    So here is my proposal: if you find on Jan’s site a tool you’d like to have as an end user, send me the challenge! If a topic gets enough votes, I’ll work on a solution that can be implemented on the client side."