Create UDC Files with InfoPath

This is cool and funny, it's like a wizard to generate a wizard! Nick Dallet has posted an InfoPath form which can generate a UDC file. More details and download on the InfoPath team blog:

Some time ago, we blogged about the reasons why you'd use UDC files and the anatomy of UDC files. You may be wondering, however, if it's possible to author these files in InfoPath - after all, UDC files are just XML files. You're right - this is definitely possible. Attached to this article is a form template that lets you author and edit UDC files. full post here

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  • I have a problem with the UDC File Authoring tool.

    I downloaded and published the template. I open the published form and I can enter global properties ans sharepoint list properties into it, but then what? How do I get the resulting UDC file ?

    And for the "List ID" how can I obtain the GUID of the list ?

    Thanks for your return.

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