My first Windows Phone 7 App: Getting SharePoint Content

Earlier this week at the Mix10 conference, Microsoft announced the developer story of the Windows Phone 7 Series. As expected, it’s all about Silverlight! For all the details I highly recommend to watch the recorded keynotes (day 1, day 2).

Tonight I could resist trying to build my very first Windows Phone 7 application; the traditional Hello World thingy. Because the developer tools (Visual Studio 2010 and the free Visual Studio 2010 Express) have pretty nice templates, that wasn’t much of a challenge. So I tried to build something real: an application that can display SharePoint 2010 content, for example items from an announcements list. I head to work my way around some limitations because both SharePoint 2010 and the developer tools are still in beta and CTP, but finally I got it working! Because of the many workarounds, the code is not yet ready for publication, but I’ve created a small screencast so you can see the result. To be continued! :-)

Windows Phone 7 POC: Getting SharePoint Data from Jan Tielens on Vimeo.


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