New Release of the SmartTools for SharePoint

I just uploaded a new release of the SmartTools for SharePoint to the CodePlex site. Currently the SmartTools project has two components:

Changes in this release:

  • What's New v1.1
    • Fixed issue with Link items
    • Added option to Excluded or Include a list of content types
  • Autocomplete Text Field v1.1
    • Fixed an issue if the field was used as a Site Column
    • Added configurable delimiter characters to allow multiple lookups
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1 Comment

  • Hi Jan, this is nice.

    Will the binaries work with .NET 3.5 when installed on SP server, and AJAX enabled via web.config?

    Are they compiled for AJAX 1.0 (.NET 2.0) or .NET 3.5?

    -- Sharad

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