New Release of the SmartTools for SharePoint Project

Tonight I’ve uploaded new versions of all the components of the SmartTools for SharePoint project on CodePlex. For those of you who don’t know the SmartTools project: it’s a collection of useful SharePoint extensions, including:

  • What's New: a customizable web part that can display a list of recently added or changed items of a SharePoint site or site collection
  • Autocomplete Text Field: a field that allows users to pick items from a list by making use of an AJAX autocomplete text box.
  • Enhanced Site Actions: adds extra menu items the the default Site Actions menu, for easy access to commonly used functions
  • Copy Paste: adds copy and paste functionality to Document Libraries
  • jQuery: integrates the jQuery JavaScript library with SharePoint 2007
  • TableRow Highlight: uses jQuery to highlight table rows when the mouse pointer is hovering above them
  • Dock Navigation: adds an overlay to every page of a site to allow users to navigate to the Lists and Document Libraries of that site
  • Charts: show animated Silverlight charts, based on data stored in SharePoint lists and document libraries

This release is created based on lots of suggestions and bug reports of it’s users, so thanks for being part of the community! And keep submitting feature requests, feedback and bug reports. Most of the work went into the newest component: the Silverlight Charts. The Charts are still in beta, and I’ve got some cool ideas to make them even better. But even this beta version offers some cool functionality, you can watch a small screencast here (make sure you switch to fullscreen). If you’d like to download the screencast in high resolution; you hit the download link at the bottom right of the video page on Vimeo.


  • Hi Peter, once again thanks for testing! I make sure your scenario will be supported in the next release.

  • Hi Jan,

    I performed some more testing, here are the results ;-)

    Found a temporary fix for the decimal bug; Added a function to the calculated field Total: =ROUNDUP([Aantal uren]*Uurtarief;0)
    The value is then rounded to the next whole number.

    Group By Field property --> if one of the list items has an & sign in the field value that's used for Group By Field the web part errors with:
    Exception: 7015 An error has occurred. [Line: 2 Position: 1541]
    Guess that also counts for other characters that are prone to errors..

    When a ColorSet attribute is used other than VisiBlue in the XAML Template the web part doesn't display a chart when used in FireFox or Safari. In IE it does. For cross browser compatibility it is better to use the Theme attribute in the XAML Template. For example: Theme="Theme1" Don't know if this is a bug in Visifire or in the parsing of the web part.

    If you use the Prefix attribute in the XAML template like it displays correctly on the Axis. But it is not shown in the value label that is parsed in the datapoint template LabelText and YValue:

    Nice to have and not possible to create within a list view:

    - limit the results; for instance if you want a top 10 of the grouped list items;
    - sorting on the SUM field;
    - support for a second view to create combined charts;

    Percentage counter displayed when loading displays an incorrect value when used in Safari, but guess that's in the Visifire component?

    Great web part, becaus the Office 2003 web parts for charting are not needed anymore!



  • Thanks for the ideas Peter, I'll take them into account for the next version.

  • O, last but not least: cross site support? If you wan't to place a chart on your front site and the list the chart is based on is on another site. An extra property for setting the server relative site url would be nice.

  • Hi Jan,

    I installed the package, enabled the feature, adjusted the parameters in the web part but the outcome stays a blank screen with no chart display in it.

    Any ideas what's going wrong?

    (Silverlight plugin is installed, using IE 6 SP2)

    Kind Regards,

  • @Wim, do you have data in your list to wich the web part is connected?

  • Hi Jan,

    I'm a step closer in making the charts work.
    I've enabled the MIME types on our win2K3 server and have more output now. Unfortuneatly the following one:

    Seems that visifire has

    Error Log Version=2.0.8 Beta:
    1) Copy & Paste the contents of this log in for support.

    2) Exception: 2260 An error has occurred. [Line: 2 Position: 724]

    3) XML:
    <vc:Chart xmlns:vc="clr-namespace:Visifire.Charts;assembly=SLVisifire.Charts" Width="400" Height="300" BorderThickness="0" View3D="True"

  • Hi,
    I think I followed instructions how to install Silverlight Chart Web part properly. But, still I get white space where chart is suppose to be on my Sharepoint page. I installed 3.5 .NET Framowork and Silverlight 2. I added .xap, xaml, xps and xbap MIME types to my IIS server. I do have a list on the page that Chart points to.

    I see that somebody said that he enabled the feature. Is this required, because I don't see Chart Web part in the list of the features in Sharepoint Central Admin.

    Server box is WIN 2003 64-bit virtual server and IIS is version 6.

    Any ideas?


    Goran Djordjevic

  • It might be useful and esier for admins to track if you would make the version of the Smarttools JQuery match the version of the JQuery it is installing

  • Hi,

    Thanks for SmartTools. I install What's new 1.2 without any problem.
    When I click on link under Item I get page cannot be found. Links under sites, lists work fine.

    Any I dea?

    Thanks a lot.


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