The U2U SharePoint Team in South Africa!

It's not the first time that both Patrick and myself are in Africa at the same time, but it's the first time that we are at the same time in the same country: South Africa! This week Patrick is in Cape Town for the MS EMEA SharePoint 2007 Tour and I'm doing the same thing in Johannesburg.

So far it has been a great week; I'm training almost 30 SharePoint fans and the weather is fabulous (around 30 degrees C). Tonight there was a big thunderstorm and with some luck (I had to take more than 50 long exposure shots) I could snap this photo (full size on Flickr):

Being here is actually very funny and strange: in South Africa it's summer (it's in the southern hemisphere) and in Belgium it's winter (it's in the northern hemisphere). It's not only the difference in temperature, but the people here are also in a summer mood! Just imagine: I'm sweating over here in my t-shirt and wife just showed snow falling from the Belgian sky via the web cam ...


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