VSeWSS 1.1 ready for download!

[Via the SharePoint Team Blog] The long awaited version 1.1 of the Visual Studio Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services has RTM-ed, you can download it here. There is still no support for Visual Studio 2008 (but it will come in June 2008), but there are some interesting new things:

What's New in VSeWSS 1.1?

  • "WSP View", aka "Solution Package editing"
    • No more hidden, non-editable solution content!
    • Create new Features
    • Reorder Elements between Features
    • Conflict validation against existing Features
    • Rename existing Features
    • Change Feature activation order
  • Visual Basic support!
  • New Item Templates:
    • "List Instance" project item
    • "List Event Handler" project item
    • “SharePoint Template” item template, e.g. "layouts" files
  • Faster F5 speed (The tool no longer performs an IISReset. Now it only recycles the app pool.)
  • Solution Generator: you can now choose which lists should be included when exporting a site.
  • Many bug fixes, e.g.
    • No more GUIDs in Feature Names
    • Support complex project names, e.g. with periods.
    • Can deploy assemblies to the bin folder, instead of GAC

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