Acid 3 test – Safari 4 Beta, SAFARI 3.5, IE 7, IE 8, Firefox 3.06, Firefox 3.1 and Chrome

I recently downloaded the latest version of Apple Safari 4 Beta and was happy to see someone is making progress in standardization. The acid 3 test can be found and run at

And the winner is….

Safari 4 – 100/100


Firefox 3.1 Beta – 93/100


Chrome – 79/100


Safari 3.5 – 75/100


Firefox 3.06 – 71/100


IE 8 – 20/100


IE 7 – ??? WTF?


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  • Poor Opera... always forgotten.

    Opera 9.6 comes in ahead of Chrome, at 85/100.

  • Chrome (current dev beta) passed with 100/100, but displays LINKTEST FAILED in red, no idea what that means.

  • SO... passing ACID does not mean that the browsers are standard compliant... it just means that they pass this test.

    It would seem that there is more emphasis put on passing the ACID tests then making the browser standards compliant and the specification is so vagure you can argue there are multiple ways of rendering certain elements but both are right...

    ACID 3 is an indication only... it is not a standards test.

  • Opera 10 runs 100/100 since January

  • It's not that Microsoft doesn't get it right, it's that the results look like IE7. IE6 wasn't much different. How can you trash existing standards that badly? In my limited experience I've learned to be less critical and more accepting of the small differences in the final rendering between browsers. What bothers me is the completely wrong answers IE has given me in the past.

    I have watched IE8 development from afar, and have been encouraged by the desire to be a compliant browser. The compatibility mode issue has been a tough one. Personally, I think they should abandon the past, but if Microsoft is worried about providing compatibility to their customers, they better be providing some compatibility for IE6. That's were people are really stuck.

  • Opera was the first to pass the test.

    Yet it is only mentioned in a comment...

    not fair!!

  • It was rather interesting for me to read this post. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to them. BTW, why don't you change design :).

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