• How to use the RadioButton

  • Arun,

    It works like any other control...just drag this particular control into a column template of a DataGrid/GridView and it behaves as a radiobutton should. You could use it in place of the ASP.NET RadioButton I suppose, but I created it specifically for the grids.

    Does this answer your question?

    Jason Conway

  • Hi niceguy, greetings from Colombia.

    Thanks for your help. Your control works for me!

    I put your control in the gridview this way:

    <ccwc:RadioButton groupname=""...

    and it works very well.


  • Hi, i am using convaycontrol, plese tell me how to capture the radiobutton click event.

  • hey ur radio button doesnot indicates whether it is checked or not when used inside gridview by usng the function Findcontrol(),

  • Hi,

    I am using the Conway controls. How do i rewrite the same in for vb language. Also please post your reply for the findcontrol too.

    thanks in advance.

  • how to get values dynamically to another column in the table when radio button pressed all happens in gridview

  • very nice but... if I include such a column in a datagrid with a bound DataKeyField, how can I find which DataKey / row / radiobutton has been selected on postback?

  • ..hmm... sort of figured out a brute-force approach... rather inelegant... but is there a reason you can not or will not compile a version of this DLL which will allow partially trusted callers? It renders it useless with certain ISP's as it is....
    thanks again...

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