Note to Self

I've not blogged much lately, and it's not because I don't have anything to blog about - quite the contrary. Too much to do right now. I got a few things I would like to blog about, just as a note to myself:

- The use of Software Factory to build WCF web services in a structured way (it's helping us out in a large SOA project now), and why you must be careful of using too long project names :(

- How you could modify Software Factory to fit your needs, add new recipies and tweak the code that gets generated (my colleague Eric has done some cool work with this, and I hope he will blog about how to enable DataContract generation from an XSD-schema)

- A few things to think about when writing XSD-schemas to be used for generating WCF DataContracts.

- The (what seems to be) lack of support for calling Workflows (WF) från WCF and vice versa. It wasn't as easy as dragging a WCF Activity från the toolbox... I'm still struggling with this one.

- Some experience from using DataDude with Software Factory and Team Foundation Server

- And some CI with TFS notes that may help other people out.

 Sorry for not posting anything useful about the topics above right now, but I'll get to it, I promise. Stay tuned :)

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