Using FontAwesome in WPF

imageWant to use FontAwesome ( in your WPF application? With a few simple steps you can do it.

1) Use Nuget and Install-Package FontAwesome

2) Mark the file /fonts/fontawesome-webfont.ttf and set it’s “Build Action” to “Resource”

3) Test the font in a simple TextBlock like this:

<Window x:Class="FontAwesomeWPFBlogTest.MainWindow"         
="525">     <Grid>         <Viewbox>             <TextBlock Text="&#xf09b;"
                       FontFamily="pack://application:,,,/fonts/#FontAwesome" />         </Viewbox>     </Grid> </Window>

Run it and you should see this:


The “hardest” thing is to make sure you enter the right icon-hexcode for the Text property. You can look at the different icons available in the icon-gallery page on then check the name of the icon you like. After that, go to the /Contents/font-awesome.css file in your project and look it up there, say for example the paint-brush icon:

.fa-paint-brush:before {   content: "\f1fc";

The content-value says “\f1fc” which is the hex value of the paint-brush symbol in the font and that is the value you have to enter in the Text-property in your XAML:


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