Occasional is a matter of perspective

A few loyal readers have complained that the "Occasional Clue" has been a little less occasional than anticipated.

There was a reason, actually.  I took an unannounced hiatus from blogging.  The reasons are relatively boring, but I certainly didn't stop for lack of writing material.

I've been to several interesting Atlanta C# Meetings, including Paul Wilson's fascinating O/R Mapper talk. I went to an interesting talk by Jeffrey Richter, after which we all went to the local wings joint and downed a few cold brews.  I even met the GridViewGirl FormerlyKnownAs DataGridGirl, and didn't even know that I was in the powerful pink presence of perspicacity.

I'm in the process of evaluating several new technologies, which I will post on shortly. 

Among other efforts, I found (and fixed) a SQL Server 2000 / dblib bug. This bug potentially would cause my team hundreds of developer-hours. Even after several PSS cases, Microsoft could not give us a solution, so I'm particularly proud of this fix.

I'm also posting from the American Airlines Conference Center in Dallas, Texas, where my company is bringing about a hundred Developers, Managers, and Architects under one roof for a chance to rub elbows, and show our latest "leet skillz."  I'm presenting on Continuous Integration, and how implementing CI has improved life on my project team.  It's my first major presentation in front of a bunch of people I don't know, so I'll let you "occasional" readers know how it goes.


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