Can't get config settings... Argh!

I'm having such a grand old time with all this new junk that it's a real buzz kill to hit a roadblock. I'm trying to run some unit tests against some DAL classes and they aren't seeing the appSettings keys in my config file at all. As far as I can tell, everything is as it should be. The config file is the same name as the assembly with .config on the end, and it's in the same directory. Do you think NUnit is doing something odd? Is it some weird symptom of using this alpha software?

Most frustrating!

EDIT: Turns out the config file needs to be called <nunitproject>.nunit.config. Not what anyone really expected, but it works!

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  • You can also specify a config file in an .nunit file. This allows you to use the same config file if you so choose, and then use the .nunit file later from either the console, or the gui. re :

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