When Visual Studio 2005 attacks!

I'm absolutely thrilled with the way Visual Studio 2005 leaves my HTML the way I want it. It's a fabulous tool and it's about damn time that someone in Redmond realized that we know better than the machine how to write and format our code!

Imagine my surprise then today when, in a class library project, I renamed a .cs file to a more suitable name, with the intention of renaming the class within it, as well as any references to it throughout the project.

Lo and behold, some disk churning, and bam! It renamed the class in the file and all of the references in a dozen other files. Didn't see that coming. I mean, it saved me work, but I guess I was a little concerned that it did all of this without asking me if that's what I wanted. I didn't happen to see anything in the options about it either.

Good surprise, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be happy that it read my mind or scared that it's gonna really hose something else when I don't want it to.


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