The users online collection: in memory or from the database?

In the last version of POP Forums, I stored the users online in an Application variable. Surprisingly enough, the performance wasn't bad, even though I suspected it might be once you had a thousand users or so. I opted to do it that way instead of hitting the database to see when the last “hit” by a user was, because I wasn't that into updating that field on every page request. I know the forums does it that way, and periodically caches.

It's a six/half-dozen kind of trade-off. What would you do? I'm working on the Whidbey version now, so this is as good as any a time to change it. I'm somewhat influenced by the MembershipProvider, because it's probably best that I get on board with the scheme that's built into the framework.


  • Database, since memory is not shared between load balanced servers. There's really nothing to think about here, Application state is not even an option.

  • Anonymous Users:-

    Cached for defined period (60 seconds), then persist to database. Use a cookie to to assign a temporary ID so subsequent requests are not recorded as a seperate ID.

    Registered Users:-

    Whidbey Style:-

    GetUser(bool isOnline)


    Take a look at the new forums for an example.

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