Quoting the previous post in a Web forum is annoying

You've seen people do it. If you run a forum and try to keep a tight ship, you hate it. People that quote the entire previous post in their own. It makes no sense.

And it's not the people who “grew up” on Usenet either. I ask you, when you verbally reply to someone, do you repeat every last thing that they said to you before you get on to your point? Are people lazy, stupid, or just don't get it?

I wouldn't say it's something that makes me “angry” (I can think of more important things to be angry about), it's just annoying.


  • There are two good reasons for it..

    1. Someone gets a post in between the person you are replying to. Result : Your post doesn't make any sense and you look silly.

    2. The person you are replying to edits or deletes their post. Result : Your post doesn't make any sense and you look silly.

  • 3. Quoting is the default behavior in many clients

  • We're not talking about a client, we're talking about a Web-based forum.

    Quoting is largely the act of people that don't remember how to write. It's easy enough to start a post with, "Regarding such and such," or whatever.

    The bigger picture problem is that people don't remember how to communicate because the instant gratification of the Internet requires less out of them.

  • People are stupid ignorant jerks. You just have to live with it.

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