Browser-based HTML editing still in the dark ages

I was considering using FreeTextBox for POP Forums because my implementation is mediocre at best. Actually, it gets the job done, but it's an IE-only implementation.

Then it occured to me that the Mozilla and FireFox instances would probably generate different HTML. Sure enough, it is different. In fact, it's actual correct HTML, not the crap that IE generates. That's a good thing, but the down-side of this is that I need to learn to parse the HTML differently.

You would think that as common as the need to write HTML in-browser is that there would be some fantastic universal standard by now.

I guess I better start writing those unit tests...


  • The latest version of freetextbox has Cross-browser support (Mozilla 1.3+, PC/IE 5+)

  • I'm aware of that... that's what I said.

  • You might want to check if HTMLArea does the same thing. It's also cross-browser. I'd guess that it's probably just dressing up content-editable like all thes controls seem to do, so that would mean it's probably different HTML on each browser, but it might be worth checking. HTMLArea:

  • Upon closer inspection, FreeTextBox appears to parse the crappy IE HTML into "real" HTML, so it might be easier than I thought!

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