Relaunched my game file exchange site

I relaunched my game site, CoasterBuzz Games today. I originally hacked together the site about two years ago to exchange RollerCoaster Tycoon files, but it was a mess and I never really did it right. It was insanely slow too. With the impending release of RCT3, I figured it might get more use so it needed a rewrite.

It's weird how no matter how good you think you are, revisiting that code even six months later makes you feel otherwise. It keeps you humble, and it certainly keeps you longing to be better.

More than anything, this site finally gives me closure for a project. I have so many dangling projects that are only half-done, including two sites, my ad serving software, the next version of POP Forums (which is Whidbey anyway) and other little things. It feels good to finish something for a change. It took me two days, which tests my attention span, but alas, it's done.

With the book semi-done I can finally start working on some of these other projects. Maybe I'll even finish one or two!

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  • In general, only if you are good will your own 6 month old code make you humble.

    There are people who write code "the same" for years; the code they wrote today is of the same quality as the code from 6 months ago.

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