The lust is gone for ASP.NET v2.0

For awhile there, it seemed that the world would stop if suddenly ASP.NET v2.0 didn't exist. It was all the rage on blogs and Internet articles. Since then, it seems that we've gone back to developing with the "old" v1.x because, well, there's work to be done today.

We're still many moons from the target release date of v2.0 beta 2, when we'll be able to use the stuff in production. We've seen delays apparently tied to Yukon, features removed and changes in store. For some reason this beta cycle seems longer than the first, but perhaps that's because we're all familiar with the platform this time around. Back in 2001, we were still content to be using ASP.old (*shudder*).

I've got stuff to do today, so it's back to the broken designer of VS 2003.


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