Messeges to me via may have been spam filtered

If you've sent me a message via, I may not have received it. I just learned that the is on the black list being distributed by IPSwitch for IMail server. I cut it out of my list. No one at IPSwitch seems to be interested in removing it, even though it's obviously a legit site. I'm not sure actual humans work there. Funny how they have no problem making sure I get e-mail from them for a service contract renewal.


  • I think Ipswitch has not done too great in the spam area... to hard to run the server and get it to work the way you want it.

    for my personal domain I am using LumiSoft's email and Outlook 2003 + Spambayes for Outlook. works for me.

    free and open source and .net !!

  • Thanks for the heads up -- we're looking into this.

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