Come on, Steve... don't be a target

I'm a big Microsoft fanboy, and I really admire Gates and Ballmer. However, Steve says some things from time to time that make him a target. He said today: "The most common format of music on an iPod is stolen."

If you're a presidential candidate, you can make stuff like this up and people will just take your word for it. Techies, generally speaking, aren't that stupid, so to make an unsubstantiated claim like that and hating on the company that makes the most beloved device of our time is asking to be a target.

My wife and I have iPods, and we actually own everything on them (including hundreds of iTunes songs). The rest of the thousands of files were ripped from CD's we own. We may not be typical, but the point is that suggesting every kid with a WMA player has more legit music than an iPod user is stupid.

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  • Looks like he was quoted out of context:

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