iTunes stops working, Windows Update annoyance

For some reason, iTunes just stopped working on my HTPC. It appears in the process list, but the UI never appears. Annoying.

Windows Update has an AMD processor update from 2002. It can't install it, and it gives one of those great meaningless errors as a sequence of numbers. Also annoying.

Related? Only God really knows. I hate it when stuff doesn't just work. Reminds me of the Windows 95 days where you had to reinstall the OS once every six months.


  • Having the same problems with iTunes. It stops working and when I am lucky enough to have it work, it doesn't recognize my iPod. I just love spending the money on this wonderful multimedia device and then not be able to use it.

  • Random stoppages - you gotta love it. I've just had to reinstall EVERYTHING after the Athlon 180+ I'm using as the music server stopped in the middle of a tune. 80GB IBM desk star was clicking (oh boy!) so I got a new 120 GB Seagate and waded in. After I got by the bios flash and the chipset (and every other thing that would prevent the "normal" W2K OS install to this size hard drive). I made the mistake of downloading iTunes for Windows 7. Things haven't been right since. I cleaned that off, saw a post about always installing QuickTime by itself before hand, and found iTunes 6.0.5. So I installed QT from an adobe disk, then installed iTunes 6 and it was okay - for about 20 minutes.

    I never know when it's going to stop. I have the same mp3 files at work (and I reloaded from that external HD, just obe sure it wasn't corrupted files) but it still stops whenever it wants to, and God forbid, don't be online when it happens - the noise just might take out a preamp or amp or speaker set somewhere.

    I'd like to know why, if anybody comes up with a cure...

  • Itunes stopped working on my pc, it loads up then immidiatly tells me its stopped working and says that it is reporting the problem to windows, i dont want to uninstall as i have hundreds of tunes on all with the covers, can anybody help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • One day my iTunes just wouldn't respond. It wasn't infected. I tried a reboot. My computer told me that iTunes wasn't installed, but I could see it on my computer. I tried downloading the new version, hoping the upgrade would help, but it wouldn't install and it wouldn't uninstall either because of an "msi" file

  • i am in a huge problem, my itunes which also has millions of songs wont work. it said i need to install the windows service pack 2 update, so i went to install that but it then said first i need to install the Automatic Updates. apparently, these updates aren't that automatic because they went to install. i followed many tutorials and forums trying to activate the automatic updates but they just wont launch, and i dont know what to do. help??

  • My itunes won't open up at all and I have a dell. I have absolutely no idea what happened because I know nothing about computers. It did keep asking about automatic updates but I always exited out. I had hundreds of dollar worth of music on there that I hadn't even uploaded to my ipod. This sucks.


  • i can't even load itunes to my computer!! It keeps telling me to go to Windows update and download stuff but my computer won't download it. It's not working!! and i'm goin on holiday in like 2 days and can't put any songs on my iPod!!!


  • My problem is similer to most of the above. I downloaded iTune update then restarted my computer and Kaboom, my computer went out. I had to do a system recovery. Now many of my added software wont work, not even my printer, and aol computer checkup. As for Windows update, no luck.

    It is a nightmare!

  • My xp box updated its self, then itunes started skipping mp3's and misbehaving. The solution: get a proper OS (linux/mac).

    my 2 cents

  • I see alot of complaints out there. Mine are all the above. Looks like a lot of people have spent alot of money for a product they can no longer use. Is Apple listening??? or are they just making more and more products to make more and more money and then just leaving us all in the lurch???

  • my itunes opens after clicking it like 5 - 8 times then once opened is froxen on a playlist i cant click anything at all. and if i open another window in front of it it wont show back up it's razy.

    it just started. i dont know what caused this it peobly isnt as hard as your other post to solve it's probly something dumb i did but i cant fix it i cant click anything and i just want to use itunes. im not very computer savy i know aenough to get by tho i just need to get it running PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

  • Hey I just had iTunes take a crap and fail to launch so i remembered how i originally had it installed on my laptop; I jacked in my 2nd Gen iPod and HEY IT WORKS NOW!!!!

  • I don't know if the same thing happened with me, but my iTunes requires me to sign in everytime I open it. Also most of my music's gone now along with all my apps. Luckily I have everything on my ipod still but I'm afraid if I plug it into the computer it'll lose everything on my ipod as well. I guess I'm lucky cuz I only had about 5 songs i wanted to upload on my ipod but its still pissing me off. Please help me!

  • my stupid itunes icon is on my home page but i click like a million times and doesnt work even when i put a cd in to upload songs onto my ipod and its pissing me off!!!!!!!

  • My itunes was just installed tonight, my media player crashed a few weeks ago and i found out it was because i was running 4 different types of antivirus so i deleted all but one and the help support center told me to download VLCC media player and I did that and now whenever I still try to rip a cd to itunes it says that itunes has stopped working and makes me close it. Idk what to do

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