PayQuake and versus my prior processor

After nearly five years, I finally dropped and Nova as my credit card gateway and merchant account bank. For reasons I couldn't understand, the gateway went unchanged for the entire time I was a customer, never improved. I think it was physically even the same server. I signed up a client through them and it was a totally different interface. Never got the referral credit for it either. They were too expensive for the volume I do, and they were incapable of actually responding to support e-mail.

So I dropped them like a bad habit and signed up with PayQuake, which does its own merchant account and uses for a gateway. The transaction-related costs are a little higher, but without monthly fees and "statement fees" and other such nonsense, they cost about half of what I was being charged before. has a nice admin interface and good tools. I like that you can require certain AVS conditions in order to accept the transaction. I haven't had a lot of chargebacks (two or three when I used to sell POP Forums), but being able to require a total match for street and zip is nice. Of the chargebacks I had, none of them made that match.

I haven't had to call PayQuake for support, but they seem to have a pretty good reputation in various Webmaster forums. Hopefully I can keep using them without a swtich for many years to come.


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