Getting play from MSN Search

The various Webmaster forums and search engine optimization gurus are all abuzz about MSN Search. It would appear that its results are starting to find their way into the mainstream MSN site.

I couldn't figure out why CoasterBuzz had two 12,000+ visitor days in a row. That's normal for the summer season, but not January. A peak at the stats, and now I know why.

I'm not married to Google, so I'll have to give the MSN Search a try and see what kind of results I get next time I'm looking for something. Plus I can feel good that something with .aspx in the URL got me there. :)

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  • I agree it is nice to see an aspx url as high profile as MSN search. Just proves that .net has *got* to be able to scale! I mainly love MSNSearch though because it loves me right back :O)

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