Who is the crack monkey at The Weather Channel?

The Weather Channel changed the layout and organization of their local pages again. Whoever is in charge of usability or approved the changes should be fired. What a mess.

The old layout showed the current conditions, the radar and the 10-day forecast. It was very convenient and told you really everything you wanted to know, right there. Now, there's the local conditions, some pointless Flash below it, some totally irrelevant text ads that I don't even see, a 36-hour text forecast (with a link to a very poorly laid out 10-day with irrelevant graphs), more ads, then finally the radar.

Can they show more advertising now? Yes. Is it effective? Hell no. With the old layout, there was a prominent 300x250 ad that was a great tool for branding. I could tell you, for example, that there was a Claritin ad there during allergy season. Now I can't tell you what's there, because I'm searching all over the damn page for the information I wanted (everything in the old layout).

Like I said, someone should be fired.


  • I had the same thought when I first saw the changes. I visit the weather channel about every other day (more when there's supposed to be a storm or something). I'm almost now to the point of putting weatherbug back on my PC. Almost.


  • For some reason, when I first went to the site I completely scanned over the link for the ten day forecast. I think the large out of place font puts my brain into skip ad mode, and I totally missed the link.

  • Umm...must have been a slow day. Who watches a weather channel?

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