Introducing CliqueSite.Ads

I mentioned that I was building some ad serving software, and I think I'm ready to start getting it out there. CliqueSite.Ads is nearly in good enough shape to put it in the hands of some people that are willing to test it. If you're interested, please drop a comment here or e-mail. The best I can really do is give you a free license when it's done.

I'm not yet sure how I'll price it and license it. I want it to be affordable because this stuff isn't really brain surgery, it's just time consuming to build. I will say that other similar products (those based on .NET, anyway) are ridiculously over-priced.

CliqueSite.Ads can serve most ad formats that I can think of. It will do any size, pop-ups, rich HTML, etc. It does frequency and session capping. It aggregates data so you don't end up doing massive counts for every little report. The only thing I haven't added that might be useful is day/time blocking to restrict ads to certain times.

Like I said, if you're game, drop me a line! I hope to get something out by the end of the weekend.


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