Amazon bait-and-switch with shipping

You've seen it before when you buy Amazon merchandise. "Free super saver shipping." You also see something like, "Usually ships in 24 hours." So you would think that at least snail UPS will take a week from when it ships, like the next business day. Nope.

I asked them what the deal was on a recent order and they had this to say: "The shipping method selected for this order is our free Super Saver Shipping option.  As stated on our web site, when you choose Super Saver Shipping, you can expect your order to take a few days longer to ship out than if you select our standard shipping option."

Well if the type of shipping dictates how long Amazon sits on the order (which makes no sense), then they need to stop posting "usually ships in 24 hours" right under the "free super saver shipping." The type of shipping should only affect how long it takes from the time it leaves the DC to the time it arrives at my door, not how long they sit on the order doing nothing. That's lame.

That's bait-and-switch.


  • When we order something from Amazon (in South Africa), it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get here, and half of the total cost of the product goes to shipping you don't have it ALL bad ;-)

  • I got hit with that not to long ago myself. What made it worse was that I ordered two products, but one wasn't in stock, so they sat on the entire order until the second product came in. And then shipped them both out in separate boxes anyway. <grin>

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