Back to NUnit I go

I gave the unit testing facilities in VSTS the old college try, but it's not good enough (see previous post). I can't possibly work with it if I can't debug running tests.

I realize we're still in the early stages for the product, but I just can't imagine having to go on using NUnit, NAnt, Cruise Control, etc. in the typical development process. Hopefully Microsoft can address some of my concerns, because I doubt I'm the only one.


  • Jeff, what is your plan for evaluating Beta 2 when it comes out? Do you have a general set of criteria before you decide on using it for production code?

    I have this dilemma of deploying a Beta 2 app only to find out later some critical bugs in the framework. I don't mind minor bugs in the tools/IDE, but an unexpected framework boo boo would be problematic. Considering this against deploying it in 1.1 only to spend more time converting it later to 2.0.

  • Completely agree that the ability to debug tests is a must have to do TDD - I'd raise this as a bug on LadyBug if it isn't available in Beta 2.

  • > ... so all of the tests will be run

    which is of course not good enough: there needs to be the ability to run a specific test in the debugger.

  • I guess missing features is to be expected in a Beta 1 product :-)

    This is from a newsgroup post at microsoft.private.whidbey.teamsystem.tester. This message was from the beginning of Deceber. Not sure if it made it into the December CTP, but hopefully, it will be in B2. Response is from a Microsoft guy:


    In the August Tech Preview the capability was not functional. It is,

    however, functional in the sonn to be release December Tech Preview as well

    as the upcoming Beta 2.


    "Michael McDowell" <> wrote in message

    > Would anyone here know if it is possible to have my unit

    > test break into the debugger. Currently they just ignore

    > any breakpoints in my assemblies.

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