Online book retailers are weird

Someone pointed out to me that Bookpool already sold out of my book, which means either they didn't get very many copies or they sold a bunch. Meanwhile, Amazon is sitting on a mess of pre-orders (via my affiliate link) and telling people it won't ship until the first week of May! What's up with that? The book is clearly out because a few people already have their copy. I've got a bunch too!

I'm nervous as hell about the success of the book, not because of any financial reasons, but because I really want it to help people. I'm still confident there's a strong audience for it and the marketing message I think is mostly right. I guess like anyone that produces some kind of work, I need to let it go and let the world take care of it at this point.


  • Don't be nervous. You already did your best by putting the book out there, the rest is upto god and luck and the quality of what you have already done.

    My book has sold out on 5 times now. I don't know what to make out of it except everytime I see "Only 5 left" or lower, they order more from the publisher. Atleast that is what the numbers suggest.

  • I wouldn't worry - the booksellers' inventory fills up and empties periodically (that is actually a good sign since they are selliing!).

    Any chance of getting complementary copies for our .NET Developers Group ( - we would like to review it and also for raffles & giveways. We would be more than happy to promote your book as it does look like a very good one!

  • I hope everything goes well with your book. I know that my first book, I was so nervous about mine and looking silly if I said anything wrong (but not in the book). I'm at the point now, where I am not too nervous about looking silly as I look silly all the time now.


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