Hooray! My rants were noticed by News.com

Check it out.

And here I thought no one was reading my drivel here. :)


  • Yeah! Now you're not only an official published book author, but also a QUOTED EXPERT in an e-zine! Maybe something'll get done about this mess...

    I pray you aren't peeved that I've posted long rants on your blog. Hopefully Scoble will get Marketing to read ALL OF IT (esp. my little catch phrases like "jumped the shark" and "No Developer Left Behind") and have an epiphany of sorts!

    (Now back to Amazon to order your book... I owe you that much for providing the "press" upon which I've published my drivel.)

  • Steve Hall: I can guarantee that folks around Microsoft are reading your comments.

  • Jeff: welcome to the long tail!

    Where everyone can tell Bill Gates off and get into news.com! :-)

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