Moblog specifications?

OK, I need a distraction. Now that my wife has a camera phone, I'm slightly more interested in moblogging. Is there some specification for sending photos from the phones to Web sites that is fairly consistant? Google isn't pointing me to anything really useful.

Naturally if I'm going to do anything with it, I want to build it myself and not rely on someone else. :)


  • Not really. check out you can setup a moblog there. you can send your photos via either email or MMS. i used it for a while, but now i use flickr ( and hopefully eventually i will write a custom app, but thats for later. hope this helps!

  • If you're going to do it yourself, I'd use POP3 to send an e-mail with picture attachment from the phone to an e-mail address of a mail server on which you run your own little apps, and have some service monitor this mailbox for messsages, use the subject for title of your post and message body (text Mime part) for the full description. And obviously the Base64 mime part which will contain the encoded attched image data.

    At least that's how I've done this before.

    Good luck!


  • Most of the sites like TextAmerica, MSN and others have you email from the phone to an address like: They then do the magic to get things in place.

  • I 'm not able to install services on my webserver so I fire a thread that polls a specific mailbox for messages each X minutes. Fairly easy thoug.

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