Free POP3 assembly?

I swear... I have done my share of searching, but I can't find an OK free POP3 class library out there. I know one exists, because I saw it a few years ago. As long as it can split off attachments, I'm sold. I just don't want to write my own... I'm far too lazy for that!



  • Hi,

    We spent a lot of time finding the best component to do this - and devmail is'll do inline and non-inlined attachments.

    Be far the most flexible. It does have some free functionality, and the commercial license isn't too bad when u see what you get.

    Saved me days of work!

    Support is excellent too...

    Best regards


  • There's some pop functionality in dasBlog...

    ah, there it is...Lesnikowski.Pawel.Mail.Pop3:

  • Well - if you're talking about commercial components as Steve is - Dave Wanta's aspNetEmail and aspNetMime do an absolutely amazing job...for a decent license fee.

  • Sorry, but what the heck you you need a POP3 assembly for?

    POP3 is SO trivial that basically you can write a connector in what - 5 minutes? 10 minutes?

    Note that POP3 is only about downloads. Not about doing anything WITH the emails.

  • Thank you for that extra special reminder... this was not intended to be an opportunity for you to demonstrate the size of your genitals. You're talking to a guy that described how to do a SMTP exchange in his book.

    Read my post. If I wanted to do it myself, I would. I don't.

  • aspNetEmail and aspNetMime together is only for Smtp, for POP3 features you will need a separate license for aspNetPop3. When combined together, the license fee is a bit too much compared to devMail.Net ( ) which bundles Smtp, Pop3 and Mime in a single package.

  • Sorry - yes you're right Ross, I meant But aspNetMime takes care of the parsing, and can be used with the Pop3 messages.

  • might also be worth a look - though you'll have to cut and paste the code yourself ;-)

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