Locking up my code in the Vault

After screwing around with, what did I call it, The Steaming Pile of Crap that is Visual SourceSafe 2005 in Internet mode, I remembered that SourceGear's Vault was still free for the single user. So I installed that on my server, installed the client, works like a champ from within Visual Studio 2005.

I don't quite understand why VSS has been so neglected over the years. Aside from the HTTP capability that only works under perfect circumstances, it really hasn't changed in at least five or six years. I hope it wasn't for the sake of using Team System, because God knows anyone outside of a major corporation can't afford the server product.


  • Considering Team Foundation Server will be available to MSDN Premium Members free of charge for the 5 member workgroup edition, why not just use that?

  • When did that change? I thought it would not be available to MSDN subscribers save for the Team Suite subscription?

  • http://blogs.msdn.com/robcaron/archive/2005/12/09/501946.aspx

  • I much prefer Vault as well; started using it a while back and have (hopefully) used VSS for the last time. Hell, MS doesn't even use VSS internally, they have a completely homegrown solution, and seeing that they probably have billions of lines of code they have to store somewhere, it's crazy that they can't get something as seemingly simple as a source control solution to work well.

  • VSS was never meant for large projects and should never be used that way. Storing real-world commercial development projects in VSS is plain crazy.

    In fact, if you are a single developer, why not just use Perforce? They have a two developer free license and their SCM is rock-solid.

    A lot of the teams in MS have already started dog-fooding TFS internally, so it will definitely be getting real-world usage.

    I currently have a commercial Perforce license that I am not renewing because I'm moving all future development projects to TFS.

  • Not trying to be subversive but Subversion is an open source solution that just rocks!

  • @Rob: You're kidding me, right? With subversion, you get what you pay for...which is nada.

  • I dunno... they just started using it at my current gig, and they have no complaints yet.

  • What sort of problems do people have with VSS? I've installed Vault before and other than where the files are stored (file system vs database) i couldnt see any gain.....

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