What happened to forums.asp.net?

What happened to http://forums.asp.net/? I decided to post my last blog entry to the forum there, and I can't even scroll down the forum list using Firefox and the fastest currently available Intel CPU. I know Paul mentioned this a few weeks ago, and now I'm seeing the same thing. It won't scroll "like butter" as Steve Jobs would say.


  • I'd be curious to see how the performance works without the background image. Try turn it off with userContent.css

    with something like:

    @-moz-document domain(forums.asp.net)

    #wrapper {

    background:#fff !important;



    or something similiar (i didn't test that code, but I think it should turn the background image off. Slow slowing background image implies to me something is off with your video card, not cpu. do you have hardware acceleration turned off (i believe it is by default with 2003, I know that's caught me in the past)

  • Nope... this machine has got the goods. Come to think of it... I wonder why the developers get this much machine here. :)

  • Hey Jeff,

    We are still trying to dig through the issue. It only seems to happen to a handful of users, but we are actively working on it.

    If you have a second, could you send me (scottw _REMOVE_ @telligent.com) a list of installed extentions, FF version #, XP or 2003, etc.



  • I don't know if they did something, but I updated the Quadro driver from Nvidia and it's "like butter" again.

  • Try navigating to http://beta.asp.net/i/bg_content.gif with Firefox. My Firefox (latest version - no custom extensions) starts using 100% CPU when I try to scroll this image.

  • I have FF and I can scroll without a problem. Is it perhaps a plugin?

  • Wilco: not here, I see 3% CPU usage with Firefox

  • Using v1.5 (not the newer version, because it breaks some of my favorite plugins), it turned out to work just fine after updating the Nvidia Quadro drivers to the newest build (I think Dell was shipping a version from March or April).

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