Ancient bug not fixed in Firefox 2.0

Wow, this is annoying. If you've used Firefox, you probably know that from time to time you'll be typing in a regular text box, and typing an apostrophe will bring up the search box. I can't figure out how to make it stop other than click around on junk until it goes away. I can't believe that wasn't fixed in the new version.


  • Have you ever posted it as a bug?

  • I think it's some extension or something. I never ever had this (and I type a lot in FF textboxes ;)), however my wife runs into this every day. We too haven't found what causes this, or what prevents it from happening on my machine.

  • Can you reproduce it on the same web page all the time? Or does it seem intermittent?

    Would be interesting to investigate a little more and then post the details.

  • Is that bug still there?

    It was claimed to have been fixed:

    Ah well.

  • I'm with Franz. I can't predict when it will happen. It appears totally random.

  • This bug has plagues my workstation at work, but I don't remember it ever happening at home. I usually have the two machines on the same version. I do not use any extensions. It is intermittent for me. HOWEVER, I have yet to see the bug rear its head in 2.0.

  • I ran into the same problem when typing in a textarea earlier, and this helped fix the problem. ' and / will still bring up the find dialog, but it shouldn't happen anymore when you're typing in a textarea/box

    open about:config in firefox, and search for find. I changed..

    accessibility.typeaheadfind.flashBar user set integer 0


    accessibility.typeaheadfind.flashBar default integer 1

  • hmmm..I have been using FF for a long time and have never come across it. It would be annoying though...

    BTW, gee I love the spell checker in FF 2.0 :-)

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