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Some time ago I realized that I like to write about nerdy stuff that isn't really programming and it's not really personal stuff either. It's stuff that is more lifestyle-oriented.

That's when I registered the domain, but never really did anything with it. I also never really did much with the news/blogging app that I started.

Well now, I'm working on both, and I turned on My intention isn't really to make money with the site (though that would certainly be nice), but rather I need another creative outlet where I can write about stuff that makes my inner nerd become aroused. It may take awhile to come up with some focus in terms of content, but I'll feel it out.

As an aside, yes, I will release the underlying app when it's in a better state. Stay tuned! 

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  • Jeff, one comment on your Nerd Lifestyle blog - make the font larger. I'm getting old. :P Seriously, this blog is much easier to read than that one. It looks like you used a different font or at least a different sized font. The one on this blog is the minimum you'd want, the one on Nerd Lifestyle makes my eyes work too hard. And that's on a mac - it hurts even worse in windows using IE.

    Otherwise I'm enjoying it, hence my constant stream of comments.

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