Wisdom of crowds my ass

Digg Forces Shutdown of DiggGames.com Domain

Note all of the comments saying how Digg now suX0rz!!!!111 because of this action. Do these kids even live in the real world? Trademark law is pretty straight forward, and you have to police your mark or can be challenged. Today it's some kid doing something he thinks is harmless, tomorrow it's AOL.

But all of those commenting people seem to think that Digg is doing something evil here. Get over it. They're doing what they have to in order to protect their brand. In my opinion, they're also keeping some scab from leeching off of their success too, which I think is 100% valid.


  • dont you think sending in the lawyers before a reasonable discourse is a little heavy handed?

    I've no problem with people protecting their property, but the manner in which digg acted given the context of their work is very surprising.

    Your blog has turned to shit jeff, stop moaning.

  • Bah. I agree with Jeff. Most of the people posting to Digg are dumb kids who get their shorts in a bunch over everything. Read the posts under 90% of the articles, and you'll see people don't even read the articles before commenting, they digg others down for explaining something because they assume the explanation is the person's viewpoint instead of an explanation of the article, etc, etc.

    Besides, look at the post on the site that was shut down:

    "I thought all I was doing was adding to their success and popularity, but they don't see it that way."

    In other words, intentionally trying to use the Digg name to profit themselves. Would a no-name site REALLY add to Digg's popularity? NO. But they might add to their own by trying to associate themselves with Digg.

    I say good job by Digg. Read the comments in the thread on Digg. Many (most?) don't even stop to consider legal issues, the fact the person was blatantly trying to rip off Digg, etc. They think there's some moral law that gives people the right to do what they want whenever they want. Facts and law be damned. Ignorant and uneducated fools. IE, Digg regulars.

  • Anonynmous guy: I'm sure they asked nicely before they sent the C&D. You don't pay lawyers for anything until you have to. Run along an play.

  • >>I'm sure they asked nicely before they sent the C&D

    proof? dont talk shit.

    >>You don't pay lawyers for anything until you have to.

    It's obviously a loooong time since you had to use a lawyer jeff, wake up.

    Yes the kids on digg are hysterical, but it doesnt justify the 'litigate first/ask questions later' mentality .

    And yes thanks, i will run along and play, sure in the fact that i have a brighter outlook on life than you. Turn off your comments if you dont want people to disagree with you.

  • Breaking news, digg is run by kids...duh.

  • You read my blog and that means you know what my outlook on life is? Er, OK. About as well as you know trademark law, obviously.

  • ererh, you tell Jeff to "stop moaning," then tell him to turn off his comments if he doesn't want people to disagree. Seems contradictory. He was expressing his viewpoint just as you would like to do. It is his blog. :)

    The people with the offending site and the people whining on Digg are surprised that real life intervenes. Sadly, their parents haven't taught them how the world works and not to use trademarks owned by others for self-profit. Why are we defending these people again?

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