AJAX woes in Safari

I'm really frustrated right now with some issues we're having with the AJAX framework and Safari. Our stats show that's about 5% of our market, so naturally we can't ignore it.

We dynamically render a series of controls and validators (the compatible variety), and a series of dropdowns are set to auto-postback. All this stuff lives in update panels. For some reason, in Safari, when the partial rendering postback happens, it comes back with no UI rendered at all. We can't figure out why. There's just a big blank nothing in the middle of the page.

I keep thinking we can't be the first people to encounter this, but I haven't found any solutions. Any going theories on this? 


  • I'm not certain of the mechanism of your auto-postback, but if it's triggered by the onLoad event, then Dion Almaer has some info this week about how Safari handles this differently from other browsers. Possible link...?


  • If you can send me an email with details I'd be happy to have someone take a look at it.

    It would be great if you could also indicate which version of Safari you've seen issues with.



  • ^ Same comment here. Send me some stuff and I'll see if I can't help.

  • Did you guys figure this out. I am having serious problems with UpdatePanels and such in the Safari browser.

  • I am also fed up. I am trying to find simple solution of get some data from form and send to server. I can't do refresh or reload to get current data. And I find solution is "No Solution"

  • My asp.net website is hanging for the thirds continuous update. Please provide me a solution

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