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  • Daunting UI

    I was refactoring some of my moderation logging stuff on the forthcoming v8, and was curious to see how some other forums do it. I had not looked at vBulletin in a very long time, and was excited to see that they have a demo system that launches a completely new instance of the app with a fresh database for you. Sweet. While I can't really get into PHP, I'll be the first to admit that it's one of the best forum apps out there, even if it does flirt with being too feature rich.

  • Pissed about Vista and MSDN subscription

    Me and a friends were talking about how annoyed we are that Vista just hit MSDN, less than a month after our subscriptions expired. I'm sure there are a lot of people like us, who are independent developers that bought in right around the Visual Studio 2005 launch, with the implied promise of Vista in the distance. We were hosed.

  • The missing FindControl() method

    Most ASP.NET developers have probably used the FindControl() method before. It lives as a member of the Control class, way up in the inheritance hierarchy. Most also know that it's limited to finding only immediate child controls, unless you specify the UniqueID.  That always seemed weird when you used the method from the Page object, because you'd think it would go deeper.

  • VS2005 Web designer bug

    I was refactoring my little heart out on a project when I realized I had a Hyperlink control in several places that always pointed to the same place. So I made a derived class in App_Code, added it to pages/controls in web.config (<add assembly="App_Code" namespace="Awesome.UI" tagPrefix="Awesome"/>), and replaced away.