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  • Facebook .NET

    One of the smartest guys in the ASP.NET world, Nikhil Kothari, just wrote a short piece and is sharing code for a Facebook app framework. Sweet. Check it out here:

  • Two weeks with iPhone, and the good constraints of Web apps

    I've had my "Jesus phone" as some have called it for about two weeks, and so far I'm pretty impressed. I just put it in the charger after more than two days, with about two days stand by, eight hours of "use" (not sure, but I think that's iPod use, Internet, everything but phone calls), an hour and a half of talk time, and about 12 MB down. That got me to the 20% left warning. Frankly, that's better than I expected.

  • An iPhone moment in traffic

     I unfortunately have a 40 minute commute, which sucks given my tree-hugger ways. I feel that at this point in my life it's not practical to move since I'm not "settled" in a relationship and could end up moving again anyway.

    I have a ten mile stretch on I-271, a "bypass" that starts well south of Cleveland and goes northeast toward Erie. I use the word "bypass" in quotes because frankly it touches most of the east side. Anyway, there is only one exit in between my start and end, SR 8. That interchange is under construction with a massive interchange project. The bridges over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park are also being replaced. Basically, it's mostly construction. Then add to the fact that I-480 also merges with it, and you suddenly have the most ridiculous section of highway in Northeast Ohio, and it's mostly rural.

    Traffic this morning was backed up to the valley. Not good. The construction at 8 puts it down to one lane, with the other lane forcing you to exit on 8. I actually got out of the house early, but clearly I was going to be late. It's always a gamble continuing on past 8 because you never know what the traffic will be like.

    Then I realized that my iPhone does now. I pulled up the map, turned on the traffic overlay, and sure enough, a big red line on the remainder of that freeway. I got off at 8, and likely saved half an hour in the car. Given the value of my time, at least to me, I think I paid for a small percentage of the phone. :) Sweet.

  • Why I've outgrown Membership and Profile

    A couple of years ago, when I was less focused, finished with my book and completely unmotivated to develop anything useful for my own non-day job projects, I struggled trying to shoehorn my apps into the ASP.NET Membership and Profile API's. Probably because of my lack of experience, I became very frustrated at the point where the objects started to relate to the data.

  • First play with the iPhone

    Well, Jeff Putz Week started last night with a fun date to see a community theater show. Big River was the show. It wasn't terrible at all, though my date used to work professionally as a stage manager in NYC so she had some comments.