FJCore updates... perhaps coming soon

I had an exchange with one of the guys from Occipital, who maintain the FJCore library. For those of you not playing along, this is a pure C# implementation for basic JPEG manipulation. It doesn't depend on the .NET Framework in any way, which means it's ideal for use in Silverlight.

In any case, I've been experimenting with it to resize some images, but it uses the nearest neighbor algorithm, which is suboptimal. Something bicubic in nature would of course yield better results. The class library makes it easy enough to plug in these filters, but you need to be a bit of a math nerd. I am not. :)

So I dropped them a line and asked if anyone could jump on that. There is clearly a lot of interest in this library, and it'd be nice to get them some attention going forward. My suggestions are two-fold:

  1. If anyone can pull off some nice filters for the library, I'd encourage you to offer your help.
  2. As one of the only things that I feel are really missing from Silverlight, the impact could be enormous. Impact yields more use, yields higher adoption rate, yields more employed .NET developers. I've already mentioned this to some speakers for Mix in March... so can we get the library in a demo?
I think one of the key to Silverlight's succes is without question the contributions of the developer community. This is a platform that, the more I use it, I feel can change how we approach development, especially in the line-of-business and rich app realms. What can we do to help these guys out?


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