Official .NET site FAIL

It certainly isn't the first time, and some how I doubt it'll be the last. The official ASP.NET site, where I was headed to read more on MVC, is down. And it's not just down, it's down with the generic error page. You know, the one with the notes about how to set your web.config.

It's frustrating, and frankly and embarrassment to Microsoft and the community. I don't know who manages the site, but seriously, what message does it send about the platform if the sites promoting the platforms aren't high quality? I would fire people and/or hire a different company to manage it. It's totally unacceptable.

Unfortunately, .NET official sites have a long history like this. Anyone remember GotDotNet? What a train wreck that was, when it worked at all. Various incarnations of the official ASP.NET forums have had their issues too. The Silverlight site is hideous (come on, SL for the navigation?) and the forums there were sending multiple e-mail messages for reply notifications. MSDN documentation was hopelessly broken and IE-only for years.

I really think that Microsoft or its desegnate can do better.


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